Beads of Hope: Our Goal is 1,000,000 Beads of Hope

Thank you for Praying with us!

To contribute online to the campaign, email the office at

Send the following with "Beads of Hope" in the email subject line:

  • Date:                   

  • Total rosaries / Chaplets prayed:

  • Eucharistic adoration hours:

  • Signature: (Type your name)                

Our goal is prayer: 

  • For our parish family

  • For Archbishops Sartain and Etienne and our Archdiocese

  • To implore the holy spirit’s guidance on our future goal: 1,000,000 rosaries, chaplets & adoration hours!

See the current bulletin for the total amount of Rosaries and Chaplets prayed and hours in Eucharistic Adoration to date. 

Pray to the order of: The hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

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