This year’s Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) theme is, TOGETHER WE CAN be Christ to Others! As Catholics, we belong not only to our home parish, but the wider Church as well. Each spring we are asked to prayerfully consider giving to the needs of our Archdiocese as we conduct the Annual Catholic Appeal. Any gifts to the ACA are in additon to your regulary parish stewardship offertory gifts. Once our ACA goal is reached and paid, any monies received after that will be returned to our parish through a rebate. 

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal and why is it important to you?  The ACA is a combined effort between the Archdiocese of Seattle and 170 parishes to support a vibrant Catholic Community in Western Washington and to carry out the mission of the Church. The ACA funds more than 60 ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle, serving thousands of people in so many different ways: Seminarian/Vocations, Faith Formation, Pastoral Care, Marriage and Family Life, Mental Health Ministry, CYO Camps, Retired Priest Medical and Priest Pension Plan and so much more. 

Archbishop Etienne Video Message