Friars' Feast by the Bay

Posted on May 28, 2014 in: General News

“Friar’s Feast by the Bay” is Sunday July 27th at 4pm.

Each attendee will have a chance to win a Lithograph “signed” in pencil by the hand of Pablo Picasso, which is gallery priced between $8-10K includes “COA.” [Certificate of Authenticity].

Come and enjoy live music, adult beverages, and a variety of delectable delights from the culinary artistry of Fr. Jude Eli.

This is a fundraiser to support St. Mary Liturgy for Parish Missions, and the Western Province Dominican Seminarians (Our next generation of Priests!)

Tickets are $100/person--Limited to 50 adult attendees. You can pay for your tickets online.  No tickets will be printed but we will have record of your payment.  Refunds will be made to those once we reach capacity for the event.

Click Button to pay online.  The profile you create can also be used to make other donations to the parish.

The event will be held in the Murray Household looking over the beautiful Burrows bay!  For more information please call Adrienne @ 360.618.2021.