Faith on Fire Keynote Speaker!

Posted on April 30, 2023 in: General News

Faith on Fire Keynote Speaker!

August 11-13, 2023 - REGISTER TODAY

Faith on Fire Catholic Conference Weekend at St. Mary, Anacortes!

The Keynote Speaker will be Sarah Swafford. Her talks on Saturday the 12th will be:

Talk One Title: Emotional Virtue for a Drama Free Life (for men and women – all ages)
Description: Sarah Swafford will help guide you through friendships, relationships, and the challenges of being a man or woman today. Whether from wounds of the past, social media, or the environment around them, men and women face intense pressure, draining their confidence, interior identity, and overall pursuit of meaning in their lives. Sarah targets this battle within by setting forth a vision of virtue in the twenty-first century, one that focuses on beginning with the end in mind and building what will last.

Talk Two Title: Gift and Grit: How Heroic Virtue Can Change Your Life
Description: Have you ever felt like you were lost and aimless in life, experiencing a lack of meaning and purpose? So often in our attempts to find meaning in life, we look to things like pleasure, success, prestige, or relationships to be our ultimate source of fulfillment and happiness. True meaning, however, is received as gift—as a gift from the Lord who created us for a purpose. And authentic happiness is found only in making a gift of our lives in return. But to really live this out takes grit! In this talk, Sarah will give practical insight on how to live with meaning, purpose, and grit which can transform everything about our lives.