This committee is a group of parishioners who meet monthly (on the 3rd Monday) to plan and schedule parish ministries and liturgies; including parish missions, Christmas, Holy Week/Easter, Maranatha (Advent Evening Prayer), and much more as well as preparing the church decorations for parish celebrations.

The liturgy reformed and renewed by the Second Vatican Council encourages the participation of parishioners in the liturgical roles, especially that of lector and eucharistic minister. Thus men and women proclaim the Word of the Lord and assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at Holy Communion.

At each Mass, two Lectors proclaim the appropriate readings, and lead the congregation in the Prayers of the Faithful. More than just reading the Scripture passages for the Mass of the day, the Lector prayerfully reads the Scripture passages in advance, and proclaims the Word of God with enthusiasm, reverence, and respect. Hopefully, each Lector loves the Word of God, reading and meditating on the Word as part of his/her private prayer.