The big St. Mary Rummage sale is BACK as you know it!

September 30, October 1 & 2

The St. Mary’s Fall 2021 Rummage Sale will be 10 am - 7 pm Thursday Sept. 30 and Friday Oct.  1. On Saturday Oct. 2 the hours are 10 - 4 .

Masks will be required and shoppers will be limited to 50% capacity in the Father Auer Center. So many bargains! 

All are welcome!

ALSO this year—on the St. Mary’s lawn during the above times, there will be a walk-up vaccination clinic offering free vaccines, hosted by Catholic Social Services & Administered by Bird’s Eye Medical, a contractor for the Department of Health.

First and second dose Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines will be offered to anyone 12 and over.  Pre-registration is available, but not required. Follow-up doses will be available Oct. 29.

To see more information, click the PDFs below!

About the Walk-up Vaccine Clinic: 

First and second dose Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines will be offered to anyone 12 and over.  This event is free to the general public. Pre-registration is available, but not required. 

Minors require parental/guardian consent, and if they are not present, then they will be called for verbal consent. A follow-up event for second doses will be offered at St. Mary’s on Friday, October 29th from 3:00–7:00 pm.

Bring with you, if possible, but not required:  Photo-ID, Vaccination card if receiving 2nd dose

Note: Medical Consultants will be available to answer questions about the vaccine, even if you choose not to receive a vaccine.

Useful Links:

Pre-Registration, Sept 30
Pre-Registration, Oct 1
Pre-Registration, Oct 2
Frequently Asked Questions call Marshall Bishop, Director at Bird’s Eye Medical at 360-688-7044
Catholic Church position regarding ethical concerns of Covid-19 Vaccine