CLOSED: Pastoral Review - Survey

Posted on October 13, 2020 in: General News

CLOSED: Pastoral Review - Survey

Pastoral Review of Father Mel Strazicich


Dear Parishioner of St. Mary, Anacortes,


Pastor terms within the Archdiocese are for 6 years.  We have been blessed to have Fr. Straz for the past 5 years, and June will mark the end of his 6-year assignment.  It is a normal process for the Archdiocese to review assigned ministries as they near completion as a decision is pending whether to renew or transfer Fr. Straz.

The Archbishop of Seattle and his staff meet regularly with pastors to assist them in reviewing their ministry. We are asked as parishioners to provide vital feedback as those who are most touched by our pastor’s work, so we are being invited to participate via an online survey.  The questions are about the ways that Fr. Straz, as our pastor, has assisted in our formation as disciples of Jesus. While you are free to take into account COVID-19 and the extraordinary efforts to broadcast Mass and continue other activities during this pandemic; be sure to reflect on life in the parish prior to this more heavily.

All of your responses will be held in confidence and the report prepared for Fr. Straz will not identify any individual. The only person who will see your name (which is requested at the end of the survey) is the Director of Applied Research for Mission Effectiveness at the Archdiocese. I encourage you to fill out this short survey, which will take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The experiences you share will help us evaluate our parish life and leadership, the effectiveness of Fr. Straz as our Pastor, and show the Archdiocese how we can, together, become more effective followers of Jesus Christ.  Follow this link to begin the survey:


Please note:

Survey must be completed during the prescribed 20-day window: Saturday, October 10 to Thursday, Nov. 1. (extended due to technical issues causing the link to be down for several days.) 

There are no paper surveys, the survey can only be completed online.  This is due in part to Covid19; but also because the Archdiocese does not have the person-power to transcribe paper surveys.

St. Mary office staff is available to provide access to a church computer if you do not have access yourself.


At the conclusion of the review process the results will be shared with the parish, and one of my tasks is to provide this feedback to fellow parishioners.


Do not hesitate to contact me personally with any questions, or you may also contact PAA Bambi Woods at the parish office (360-293-2101).


Peace and Grace,


Mark Leopold

Pastoral Council Chair

(425) 879-7120



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