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Whole Family Catechesis

Welcome everyone to this year's Whole Family Catechesis (WFC). As we move into A Whole Family style of Catechesis at St. Mary we do so with great joy and enthusiasm. As you may know this is not something we decided from nothing. This was done with great care and dialog with parents and parishioners of St. Mary which included lots of prayer and discernment. “So what is Whole Family Catechesis?” you may ask. In a nutshell, WFC is meant to bring Catechesis or the passing of the faith back to center of the family household. WFC is designed and meant to include the evangelization and catechesis of the whole family, no longer just for the children. More importantly, as a primary goal WFC is meant to re-empower you, the parents, as the primary catechists of your own children. However, you will not be left alone. We want the parish of St. Mary to be your number one resource. As a result, among many other things, we will be offering, as may know by now, formation for parents on first Sundays of the month (Sundays may vary for certain months – please refer to the WFC calendar) beginning this Sunday, September 11th, to train, encourage and equip you in this role. In addition, as our staff and volunteers work with you on these Sundays we will provide 1st Communion sacramental-prep classes, Confirmation, RCIC, and catholic based activities for children K-12 not in any of the sacramental-prep classes.  

As you know this community holds a very special place in my heart and, as such, it makes me very proud to witness such strong dedicated parishioners within our community. I thank you for being part of this beautiful community and for working so hard to build and strengthen one another for the greater glory of God. I encourage you to continue to share with me and/or with staff any thoughts, concerns and/or ideas you may have in order to bring the kingdom of God that much close to our community. 

Thank you once again for your great support and enthusiasm for serving one another here at St. Mary.

In Christ,
Fr. Straz
Pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church

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For more information about Whole Family Catechesis please call the parish office at     360-293-2101

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