Sunday School

Faith Formation Schedule

K-12 Programs:

Sunday School classes coincide with the school year which is September through May.
Sundays: 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. Religious Education Classes


First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion:

Students in second grade and those who are older but have not yet received Holy Communion prepare in class all year long to receive both Sacraments for the first time. Students must be from families who are registered members of the church. The catechists provide a solid foundation upon which the students grow in their knowledge and love of the faith. The First Reconciliation usually occurs in late winter and First Holy Communion is celebrated in the spring. A parish reception is held after the First Holy Communion Mass as a show of support and love for the first communicants in our faith community.



Confirmation is a 2-year program beginning every other year and meets on Sundays.  Students explore the Catholic faith in an intimate and deeply personal spiritual journey that will prepare them to remain steadfast and faithful to their identities as young Catholics. They are provided with tools and knowledge to live and defend their beliefs in a world that often is at odds with their faith. Archbishop Peter Sartain says, "We share a responsibility for inviting, reaching, forming, and supporting our young people as they take this important step in their journey of faith."

Young people who have been adequately prepared according to Archdiocesan guidelines and expectations, and who consciously and freely decide to be confirmed, are to be at least sixteen years of age at the time they celebrate the Sacrament. Potential confirmandi must be from families registered in the parish.


Confirmation Retreats:

Confirmandi will participate in two retreats. The first of these occurs at the beginning of the instructional year in the form of a day of reflection that culminates with Mass on Saturday evening. The second is a weekend long retreat lead by a Newman Center team from Western Washington University in Bellingham. Participants are led through team building exercises, personal faith testimonies by team leaders, and faith filled dialogue between participants and team members.